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Welcome in the world of tradition in modern array, welcome in Vinopa Hotel!

We would like to introduce you our brand new hotel that is intended mainly for admirers of traditional architecture, lovers a good wine and golf fans. The hotel is situated in Southern Moravia, 25km to the south from Brno, not far from a motorway exit in Hustopece.

Our hotel offers an extraordinary comfort and wide range of services. It does not matter, if you are on holidays or on a business trip, you will be always satisfied.

The overall concept of interior design has been prepared in such way that it will satisfy both common visitors and more demanding clients. We sincerely believe that this fact will be emphasised also by willingness of our employees, who are at your disposal anytime and ready to help you with fulfilment of your wishes.

Why you travel all around Moravia, if you can visit us and Moravia will come to you.
Come and enjoy charming moments in Vinopa Hotel!

Non-smoking environment Non-smoking environment

The enjoyment of your stay will surely be enhanced by the fact that you will be able to enjoy completely not only beauty of the local landscape, but also very clean environment, because the whole complex including the restaurant is a non-smoking area.

Home cooking Home cooking

We believe that even gourmets will not reject our home cooking specialities that are served by restaurant situated directly in the hotel.

Golf Golf

We did not neglect golf enthusiasts and we offer them an unforgettable game experience on our golf simulator „full swing golf“.

Midday menu


Those who drink wine
should listen the legend:
„Long time ago,
when Christians were pursued,
a brave pope spread their tidings through Czech countries.
But it was not appreciated by Czech lords
and they sent assassins to him.
When they were close to him,
a shelter was provided by a local cellar and vineyard.
He wanted to continue in his journey after couple of days,
when he was sure that the danger is over.
But the ground shook at that moment
and it hid Saint Urban forever.
He is a patron of all vineyards and drinkers from that time.
The pope who spread good
rests in the depths of earth here.“

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Czech Republic

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