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Hotel is situated nearly in the centre of Hustopece in an area with the scent of grapevine at the beginning of a wine-cellar street of „the good wine town“. You can taste local grapes in a solid form, but especially in their liquid form as wine. For sure you will not reject a wonderful view of the landscape, because our hotel is situated on the hill, so you will see the town lie open.


There are many roads to Hustopece as well as to our hotel. This is a big advantage, because you can use car as well as train, bus or bicycle.

motorway D1, direction to Brno
motorway D2 Brno – Bratislava, Hustopece exit
train, bus - IDOS railway


  • Entrance part with reception desk
  • Restaurant wit bar
  • Wine archive
  • Wine cellar – seating
  • Summer garden
  • Lift
  • Garden (small orchard and vineyard)
  • 14 rooms
  • FSG golf simulator
  • Conference hall


  • Fully non-smoking hotel, including restaurant
  • Wi-Fi in complete hotel area
  • Parking of cars as well as bicycles in front of the hotel
  • Credit card payment
  • Rich Moravian breakfast, Moravian refreshment bar
  • Organizing of weddings and wedding receptions
  • Organizing of conferences, trainings, bashes, etc.


Original Haban vault was situated on the slope above the town at the end of 19th century. The length of the vault was up to 100 metres and other shafts ended on the surface from its side walls, which were used for drop of farming products grown in the surrounding area. Many of them are still visible as partly or completely walled. We can date the beginning of the vault back to the 17th century.

Residential house with the length of about 40 metres was constructed above this facility at the beginning of the 1st Republic that was used as housing for teachers of a local high school. The building was used for this purpose untill the Second World War. Then collapse of the vault took place at two places. It was probably caused by war or climatic conditions. The building was reconstructed to the headquarters of winery and fruit-growing cooperative Vinopa in the year 1947. The cooperative was established by People’s Party in the year 1936 with the seat in Velke Pavlovice.

Graffito on the facade is still visible from that period as well as a partition of the collapsed vault with the length of 36 metres with view at the collapsed part, or brick foundation of the teacher’s house used as supports of current garden walls.
The cooperative was nationalized in the year 1948 and the house was used by the new director appointed by a government party. Even during this period the vault was used for the wine storage. The wine was pressed under opposite Cross Hill in a building that had been constructed also by the fruit-growing cooperative established by the Agrarian Party.

The object was used by the cellarman of the cooperative during the period from 1960 to 2000, who obtained many awards for his wines. His descendants supply wines to the archive of the hotel untill now.

Privatisation of the object was carried out in the year 2000 and the hotel was sold to the current owners in the year 2007.
The new owners carried out complete reconstruction of the building and they enlarged it to the present-day appearance.

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Hotel Vinopa
Herbenova 527/5
693 01 Hustopece
Czech Republic

Email: info@hotelvinopa.cz
Tel.: +420 519 323 480
Mobile: +420 603 586 908
Fax: +420 519 323 480

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